Please note that Cornwall Council’s primary focus at this time is to provide support for residents during the Coronavirus outbreak and this will delay further detailed work on this project for the foreseeable future. Your views and comments are still very welcome.


This website will provide you with an insight into the actions and events undertaken by Cornwall Council to engage with the residents of the Tamara Estate on its proposals for the possible future regeneration of a key section of the estate.

Clearly, the Corvid19 virus outbreak has had a significant impact on all of our lives….. and the Council’s ability to focus on this (and similar) projects.

However, we hope that scrolling through the pages will provide you with an understanding of past events, the latest thinking - and how things might progress in the future.     

We’d particularly draw your attention to Project Manager, Victoria Regan’s latest update - The emerging ‘planning options’.

Tamara Estate, Saltash

The future for our homes on the Tamara Estate.

Cornwall Council has been successful in getting funding from the Government’s Homes & Community Agency to undertake some feasibility work looking at ways to improve the Tamara Estate. The money will cover the early costs such as community engagement, initial planning and tec…

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Update - What's your view?

During the ‘drop-in’ event we held earlier in the year, Mark Crosby of Consensus spent some time interviewing local residents and members of Cornwall Council’s project team about their views and aspirations for the future. Here’s the film he made!

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Update - The emerging planning ‘options’

The key thing to remember about these options is that they are simply being used at this early stage as a financial tool to help the Council better understand how much a future development might cost to build. Residents will be invited to comment on more detailed proposals lat…

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Some Key Questions you may want to ask us!

This document has been produced at the request of the Saltmill Estate Regeneration Panel, which is made up of tenants and owner occupiers of homes on the estate. The Council is currently at the stage where we are assessing regeneration and redevelopment options in terms of high-…

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Please use this feedback form to record any comments and views you may have about the development proposals. The feedback we receive will be shared with members of Cornwall Council technical team to help guide and inform the design of the site.

Simply click the Send Feedback button when you have completed your comments.

The feedback comments will be recorded verbatim in a Statement of Community Involvement which will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority as part of a future planning application. A unique reference number will be assigned to each comment; any direct personal data in the comment is redacted. Please read our Privacy Notice for further details.

The email, website and Freepost response facilities will be available throughout the statutory consultation period.

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